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Some Tips for cement imitation wood guardrail Installation

August 11, 2021
Looking at the application status of cement guardrails in recent years, it is not uncommon for the entire guardrail to be poorly used due to improper installation of the guardrail, and the safety of use is greatly reduced. In order to avoid such problems, combined with the practice of cement guardrail construction for many years Experience, analyze and summarize the scientific installation process of cement guardrail and the matters needing attention in each link.
     First of all, before installing the cement imitation wood guardrail, the embedded hole of the column should be drilled according to the length of the product. The size of the imitation wood railing column is generally 15*15 cm, and the embedded depth is 10~15 cm. Therefore, the size of the embedded hole of the column The length, width and depth are 20*20*15~20 cm (if the column embedded hole is circular, the hole diameter needs to be 23~27 cm), and the centering distance in the column is 1.8 meters. 1.8m imitation wooden railing).
    Secondly, install the first set of columns on both sides, such as from left to right, install the first column, and fix it with a horizontal ruler. You can put some small stones in the embedded hole to temporarily fix the column, and the other column Put one person into the embedded hole and use the tilt while the other two people carry the imitation wood cement guardrail beam and the fence respectively to locate the posts on both sides. After the dimensions are stabilized, the other side of the post is straightened and straightened. The stone is temporarily fixed to the column, and then the next set of installation is completed after this step is completed.
    After the entire wood-like cement guardrail project is completed, the pre-buried holes will be uniformly irrigated with concrete to solidify the whole. At this point, the cement imitation wood railing post is installed, and the last process is the surface spraying paint and wood grain processing.
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